When should you teach your kids about Tech?

How early is too early to teach your children about technology?

My teens learned to play computer games –even the online games — while still in diapers.  Sitting on my lap, they learned the fine motor skills of clicking a mouse in just the right spot to connect the dots.

It wasn’t long before the kiddie games turned into Jump Start Spanish, Math Blasters and Where in the World is Carmen, San Diego? That was before Gamecube, Wii and X-Box 360.

And Facebook. That one was a major coming-of-age moment for all four of us.

These days my teens are much more familiar with HTML, iTunes, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator than I’ll ever be, thanks in part to what they learn in school. When I was in school I learned old-school programing right after my first lesson in binary code.

My kids are well versed in the dangers of online chatting and posting. But there are new dangers popping up on a weekly basis, nearly as fast as new innovative technologies are going mainstream.

I think there is a fear about teaching our kids how to be techno savvy, because we’re not comfortable with it ourselves. I agree with social media blogger Tac Anderson who recently quipped that “when it comes to teaching your kids about technology and social media is like teaching them about sex. You need to start when they’re young because if you don’t, someone else will.”

So how about it, parents? What age will you or did you start teaching your kids about tech?

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