Why I dumped Foursquare

Amy ousted Foursquare as mayor of her time

Why didn’t I do this earlier?  The pressure is off! I no longer have to battle my buddies to maintain my coolness as top dog at the gas station on Highway 47.  I can finally stop wondering where I can spend those points, or how I can flash the bling of my badges.

I have dumped Foursquare because, well, I’m just not feeling the love.

I have accumulated wealth and fame with my 19 mayorships, but Foursquare has always left me wanting more. If I’m going to be mayor, I ought to at least have a tiara or a scepter or something.

Oh, there’ve been some good times. Like the free luggage tag I got for checking in at the airport, or the time I shared a few laughs with my new friend Dawn when she ousted me as mayor of our kids’ high school. Actually I met her because of Foursquare. I was at this Chamber of Commerce dinner and saw that she had checked in…

But I digress. I was hoping for so much more from our relationship. A free tee shirt or something. But I just didn’t get my R.O.I out of Foursquare. So as of today there are a couple dozen retail venues in need of a new mayor. Stuc’s Pizza, we’ll still remain friends.

Oust me if you dare; I leave my posts uncontended.