Your online presence: Don’t use that tone!

Moms are famous for their one-liners, aren’t they? “Don’t use that tone with me, young lady!”  (or “Mister!”) And if Mom could see your posts and your tweets right now, what would she say?

More importantly to your bottom line  (sorry Mom), what are your clients thinking when they check out the tone of your conversations?

I always knew that, and now thanks to a post by blogger Dan Zarrella, I have visual proof:  What we say online and how we say it can directly impact whether we get that sale or that prospective client. Here is one of several social media charts Dan captured on his blog–check out his report

So it stands to reason that if your overall tone is pleasant, encouraging and thoughtful, more people will like your brand. But if you are negative or consistently snarky, people will avoid you.

So, how’s your tone?

(Photo courtesy Dale Moore)
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